Post by Isabelle » June 13th, 2008, 6:29 am
Hi Guys!

Well the moment I have been waiting for finally came yesterday when I picked up my new Ering and coordinating bands. My grandmother''s original wedding band was 14K yellow gold and it really means a lot to me to wear it as my wedding band. So Brian suggested plating it in white gold and then using it to make a mold for another identical one. And in order to ensure the colors matched, the second was made also in 14K yellow gold and both were then plated in the same mixture at the same time. And it worked! The W prong Ering is in platinum and I opted for the heart prongs and they look amazing. They are so subtle. The person who made the ring did an outstanding job making sure the prongs were perfect and not overwhelming to the ring. (I can''t wait to post the pics, but to those of you who don''t like "heart prongs" please keep in mind that on the hand, you don''t see heart prongs. You see a round diamond that almost looks like it has no prongs at all. These computer screen pictures magnify a ring WAY BEYOND what actually see IRL. :-) ) Anyway, I am thrilled with the ring.

And I was doubly fortunate yesterday, b/c not only did I get to spend more time with Brian as he took pictures of my ring, but I also got to meet the famous John Pollard!! John was there picking up his fiance''s e-rng from polishing! Wow, that ring is beautiful! But what was even more cool was that I got to talk to John for quite a while about diamond cuts. As awesome as his posts are, and as educational as his posts are, being in person with him and listening to him explain things one on one was a privilege I won''t soon forget. John is a born teacher and it was awesome to hear his thoughts and see some of his graphics first hand! INCREDIBLE.

A big thank you to Sheerah, Judy, and many many others over at WF, (some of whom prefer to do their incredible work anonymously and without public acknowledgment so I honor their wishes by not naming names)! Thank you also to Tim for taking some of these pretty shots of the ring too. :-) Sheerah was wonderful to work with, and I hope some of you get a chance to work with her as your sales representative. :-)

Okay so to refresh on the stats, this is a RE-CUT RB that started out as 1.15 and is now 1.6. It is 6.67 diameter and is set in a platinum W-Prong. I LOVE IT!!
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