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I've had this ring for a while but never made a post for it, had some time and figured I'd finally do it!

This lovely beauty is a vintage white gold ring estimated to be from the 1920-30's. The center stone is 1.5c and 7.5mm and is estimated at I color by my local jeweler. On each side of the stone is one 3.5mm OEC, estimated at about 15points. The rest of the surrounding diamonds are about .50ctw and are a mix of single and full cut melee, 1-2 pointers.

When I bought it the side diamonds were badly cut MRB's so I sourced 4 3.5mm OEC's and had my local guy match the two best for the stone, and replace them so that the entire ring was more period. He thinks it may have been a WG replica of an original platinum ring but the middle stone itself is a later OEC almost borderine tranny with a small culet so not entirely sure. My local guy says it's for sure an OEC though and after spending some time with it, I would agree.

The story around this is supposedly it was made in the 20-30's for a woman who wore it throughout her life. When she died, it went to her daughter, who kept it in a safe deposit box and only wore it to visit her mom's grave and for special occasions. When she was 80, she donated her entire estate to her church and the seller I bought it from picked it up in this parcel in 2006. Because of the nature of the ring, the bling bling factor can make it really hard to get pics of it. So he felt like he never did the ring justice and never tried to sell it so kept it in his safe until 2011. He got a new camera, remembered he had the ring, decided to try to take some pics and whala. When I bought it, I planned to just remove the center stone and sell the setting because the pics weren't THAT good, but in person this thing is fantastic and I never want to take it apart. Famous last words...but I am pretty sure I will not disassemble this ring. There's just something about it, it's so beautiful, it fits PERFECTLY on my hand and looks like it belongs there. I feel like fate brought this ring to me... sappy and sentimental yet true. My husband says...'if I'd known that I could have just told you a sappy story and spent 1/2 of what we did on your e-ring, I would have done this years ago when we got engaged'...thanks honey! Hehe. I do have to say that my poor modern round has just been languishing since I got this beauty, I am completely smitten.

The center stone is ridiculously beautiful, with a slightly lower crown but that chunky beautiful pillowy cushioning faceting that just draws your eye. The pictures could never do it justice. It has an SI2 grade gray feather that runs inside the stone and hits the top of the stone at a facet junction. I can only see it in certain lights, but it's definitely a beauty mark.

Anyway enough talk, let's see the pictures!!! I've got a lot to post...
OECphotosfeb12-1-3a.jpg (239.83 KiB) Viewed 3052 times
OECphotosfeb12-1-10a.jpg (176.49 KiB) Viewed 3052 times
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OEC Loupe closeup 3.JPG
OEC Loupe closeup 3.JPG (236.83 KiB) Viewed 3052 times

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