Post by neatfreak » February 21st, 2008, 8:14 am
I know you''ve all been waiting...and I''ve been a bad bad PSer! But suffice it to say that unfortunately I have had a ton of less fun things that needed to get done before I could indulge you all...and THEN I decided to drop it off at Richard Wise''s shop for an appraisal and just got it back! Yay! So here are the much anticipated pictures and some more info on the stone courtesy of RW Wise.

Ceylon Sapphire
Color: Light Purplish Blue
Clarity: Eye flawless
Hue: 6.5(341)-------> if someone knows what this means PLEASE let me know!
Tone: 40-45%
Brilliance: 80%
Dichroic Effect: None
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