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... Because I'm engaged!

I don't have much information on my ring (I know you all like specifications) but I'll post what I have:

-White Gold Ingwer setting with the original 4 prongs replaced by Stuller Solstice 6 prong (or what it looks like) Was purchased from a local jeweler who is a family friend of my fiance's (it still feels strange for me to say or write that).
-Center stone is .70ct, I do not know the color or clarity but the majority of the time it looks bright white unless I'm in a yellow or tan room with bad lighting then it has a light buttery tint to it.
-Size 3.75
-20 diamonds in the band
-Fiance said is antique cut (after looking up antique cut stones I assume this would be Old European Cut?)

(I like to think of it as semi-custom)
I love how this one picked up the pink from my shirt
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