Post by Hospatogi » May 29th, 2011, 8:00 pm
My ring arrived on friday so I thought I would share a few pics before its sent off to the appraiser. Sorry no hand shots until the boyfriend proposes ! :)
Thanks to the Good Old Gold staff who were extremely easy to work with and to Jonathan for creating these beautiful cushions whose big broad flashes of light literally take my breath away.
A big thank you to Steven Kirsch who created this gorgeous heirloom and who went above and beyond to make sure I was 100 % happy with my ring . I would have never dreamed that tapered carre cuts would look so beautiful with my AVC!
And to the wonderful ladies of pricescope thank you helping make my dream engagement ring a reality. A special thank you to Diamondseeker who always took the time to answer all of my diamond questions . To Lovestreet and Wintotty for being the inspiration to my beautiful ring. To Missydebby for your thoughtful and insightful advice and willingness to listen. And to Charmypoo there are not words enough to express how much you have helped me through this entire process. I dont think I could have gotten through these weeks of nervous anticipation without your support and honest constructive feedback. You are truly an amazing person ! :)

For anyone interested in the stats of my stone..
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