Post by junebug17 » September 28th, 2009, 7:40 am
I debated for a while about showing this ring, because:  1) It was purchased in ''94 for my 10th anniversary and seems a bit dated and 2) the diamonds are mediocre.  And then I thought what the heck, there aren''t any big diamond purchases in my future, so I might as well show what I got lol!  There are 5 stones, 1 carat tw.  This was purchased when I knew even less about diamonds than I do now.

I''ve been thinking about re-setting these diamonds in a wg setting that would go better with my wedding set.  As it is now, I really don''t wear it, and it''s a shame to let even "so-so" diamonds sit in a jewelry box.  Thing is, I don''t have a clue as to go about having diamonds re-set, have never done it before.
Thanks in advance for taking a look!
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