Post by CasaBlanca » February 11th, 2010, 3:27 pm
I was searching in designers and brands tab in the resources tab above. Noticed a jeweler I wasn''t familiar with. Found this gift idea for those new moms.

I think it is a baby ring...sized 1 1/2. But if I were a mom I think I would like to wear it as a pendant...knowing it fit the baby.

Well, I thought it was worthy of SHOW ME THE RING thread...cause it is a is itty bitty...and I would love to see you moms come back here and show us when you get yours!

I appreciate a new idea of celebrating a birth...and I applaud Denny''s Jewelers for the brilliant idea. So I hope a few sales will come his way from this thread. Don''t you too think it is a great idea?

Denny Jewelers Itty Bitty Baby Rings