Post by didiamond » January 6th, 2006, 7:04 am
Here is my Christmas present (for Kaleigh and diamondlil Image)....

3.51 ct
Heart modified brilliant
9.22 x 9.98 x 5.36
depth - 53.7%
table - 73%
girdle - medium to thick, faceted
culet - none
polish - excellent
symmetry - very good
Natural fancy yellow
distribution - even

The setting has approximately 3.25 ctw of yellow and white diamonds.  They didn''t state how many diamonds there are. Hmmmm....I guess I could count? Image

My DH and I saw this ring in a much larger size (center stone was 10 ct) and I liked it but it was TOO TOO big.  I guess this designer decided to do it in a mini version.  I''ve never been a "heart" diamond lover but I think this changed my mind!  It''s so sparkly! 

The only thing I kind of question (since I didn''t choose it) is the depth of the stone. But what kind of depth are heart shaped diamonds supposed to be around?  Is it too shallow?  I mean, it''s not like you can see it from the gallery and it sparkles all over the place or am I just letting the ''numbers'' get to me?!?!
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