Post by Zoe » October 7th, 2007, 6:44 am
My FI and I are thinking of things to register for and it dawned on us that we don''t have a great set of luggage.  Neither one of us travel for work and we aren''t in a position to do a ton of traveling.  We''ve only been on one 10 day vacation to Ireland a few years ago, and our next long, far-away vacation will be on our honeymoon to the Azores next summer.  Even though we wouldn''t use it too often, we should try to get a quality set of luggage. 

We''d like to get something relatively lightweight but sturdy.  I would think something with wheels would be handy.  I tend to use a gym bag/duffle type of bag now for long weekends away, but it''s not the prettiest.  We''d like something that has a variety of sizes -- good for weekends and overnights as well as longer, 10 day trips.  The only other thing we''re looking for is something that doesn''t cost an arm and a leg.  Quality but budget-friendly also.

Any recommendations?  Thanks!!