Post by Allisonfaye » May 14th, 2007, 10:52 am

We are getting ready for our third annual trip to Palm Beach Thursday and I am salivating over the shopping. We go there because they have direct flights there and we have two little girls (1.5 and 3). I have staked out what is there and what is in the Bal Harbour shops too. In the past two years I have either been nursing or pregnant which made outings to shop short.

I can''t wait to try on those 6 carat rocks at Kaufmann de Suisse. They are always so friendly even though I told them I am on a jewelry moratorium until 2010.  Graff''s is there too! Yeah!
Harry Winston is in Bal Harbour so I will get to go there too. Another favorite is the Pucci store. Last year, I didn''t buy anything because I wanted to wait til A) I found the perfect piece and B) I lost more of my remaining baby weight.  They have a 40% off sale in early June, so if I find something, I can call back in a couple of weeks and get it for the sale price.

Last year, I didn''t buy a darn thing the whole time. Maybe I won''t buy anything this year. My birthday was last Sat and I told DH I wanted to pick out something down there but I really want something I love if it is expensive.