Post by Greg G » March 5th, 2003, 4:58 pm
Thanks to everyone for all your support! You took me from terrified newbie to educated and satisfied customer. We just got back from a trip to Jamaica so everyone is asking her if I proposed. I didn't quite have my stuff together in time for the trip and I figured the ring would be a good cure to the post vacation blues so I'll be proposing this weekend. I have her convinced I haven’t started shopping yet so she should be very surprised! Every time it comes up I go into this whole thing about how I'm afraid I won't pick out something she'll like and that I have so much to learn. Today she told me that her best friend offered her assistance if I wanted it. It was sooo hard to not laugh out loud! It's too funny that the purchase of the symbol of our love and life together is the cause of the only dishonesty I've shown in our relationship. I think she'll forgive me though. Image

Here are the pictures Christen at Good Old Gold sent me (I tried to take my own but they didn't come out so well - I can't seem to get the camera to auto focus on the ring). The pictures are great but the ring looks so much better in person. I can't wait to give it to her. I can't say enough how great everyone here has been and what a pleasure it was shopping with Johnathan and Christen at GoG. Since I live in NJ, I got to go over and play with their cool toys!

GG PR127DSI1 finished.jpg
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