Post by mintve » May 12th, 2008, 5:02 pm
Hey ladies!  I just got engaged last week while I vacation in Maui!!  I am so excited and cannot believe I am off the LIW!  I will send pics as soon as I can.  I am waiting for my permanent setting, so my stone is set in a temp setting for now.Image

When my fiance proposed, he wanted to surprise me, so he bought an inexpensive ring from a local jeweler (Shane Co).  He succeeded in surprising me and now I have TWO e-rings.  so, here is my question.  I am not sure what to do w/ the proposal ring.  my FI was going to retrun it to get his $ back, but now he is having second thoughts.  We have a few options and I need opinions:

1.  should I trade it in, along with some other diamond studs I have and upgrade my studs w/ all the $

2.  should I keep the ring as it is and maybe wear it on a chain?

3.  take back the band, keep the stone and maybe set it in a vintage setting and wear it as  RHR?

4.  i thought about matching it up w/ another stone and having earrings, but the stone is a K SI2 and it may be too warm for earrings

what are your thoguhts?  since its a small stone .34, and warm at K and SI2, i think it may be well-suited for something vintage, if we keep it.