Post by YYCgirl » June 17th, 2012, 11:04 am
We are shopping for my e-ring and I had always wanted a Hearts and Arrows diamond. I want it to really sparkle. One broker told me that an H&A is essentially the same as an AGS000 or GIA triple excellent. Through further research on pricescope, some people have differing opinions. I can appreciate that though they are not exactly equivalent, I'm wondering if with the average naked eye, can you tell the difference bw a true H&A and the other triple ideal/excellent diamonds. If the only way to see the difference is through an hearts & arrows viewer, then I'm not so concerned. I have friends w beautiful H&A's and I'm wondering if I just go for AGS000 or GIA3x, will mine be as nice. Is it really worth the premium? it would be an extra $1-2k over the $9k for a GIA3x

If we find a GIA3x diamond with the following qualities, will this get us an H&A quality diamond even if the vendor doesn't specify it is?
HCA:under 2
Table: 54-57
Depth: 61-62

Also, does anyone have an opinion on Bluenile signature idea vs. James Allen/Whiteflash? The prices on are a bit better for what looks to be a fairly equivalent diamond, and then I wouldn't have to worry about shipping from the US or the exchange rate

The other specs are
Round 1ct+
no fluorescence

Thanks for your advice!
YYC girl