Post by Zoe » November 12th, 2007, 3:12 pm
Can someone please explain the difference between titanium and tungsten (and tungsten carbide)? 

My FI and I are considering a few different rings (for his wedding band) with a few different vendors, and we''re not sure what to do.  My FI has tried on a concave wedding band, and he''s decided that it''s the look he wants.  Now we''re just trying to decide between the type of metal we want and what is a better option, quality and financially speaking.  We had been only considering white gold but then titanium and tungsten came to mind. 

My FI works at a computer all day, so there''s no worry about him being rough with his ring.  He''s never worn any jewelry, so getting a comfort fit band is a must. 

Boone rings definitely has the best price so far (~ $100 for a Boone ring vs. ~ $800-900 elsewhere).  I know titanium can''t be sized, well, it can but not by much.  I think that would be okay.  If we went with Boone and my FI needed a different size at some point, he''d just buy a new ring and it wouldn''t set us back financially.  That''s a plus!   

What to do, what to do...