Post by MissDimity » December 7th, 2008, 10:48 pm
Went into a store recently that advertised a 1.5 ct ( SI1 clarity) champagne colored diamond for S15 000. Now this seemed a lot to me.
I recently had a 1 ct SI2 top light brown diamond ( which the jeweler advertised as J color) valued at between $1000-1200.

I questioned the sales assisted whether top light brown diamonds and champagne colored diamonds are the same thing, and he said no, that 'top light brown diamonds are a yucky, murky, silvery color' and that 'champagne' colored diamonds were more valuable and had a "lovely warm tone to them'.

I then said what I thought, that 'top light brown diamonds were one and the same to champagne colored diamonds and that the term 'champagne and cognac' were marketing terms only used on brown diamonds to increase there desirably. He dismissed my questioning and said that he was a 'diamond trader' and that I 'should do my research'.

So I am now doing some more research.

My question is are 'top light brown' and 'champagne' colored diamonds the same thing?