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I asked this on the colored gem board, but after 50 views, no replies. I have read a number of halo posts on this board, thought I would try here, since my question is diamond related. :)

I have a 13 x 10 oval AAA blue sapphire that has been in my anniversary ring for years surrounded by a double halo. The 'inner' halo and sapphire fell out of the ring when we were in the mountains a few months ago and the jeweler I took it to for repair RUINED it and says he cannot fix it now because the halo is too delicate given how much gold he used to anchor them together.

I've gotten over the fact that my ring is ruined and need to have it reset but want something a bit different since DH and I have to go to the expense of a new ring anyway. I'd like a single halo and go halfway or all the way around the shank with diamonds. I keep finding tiny stones in halo settings, but want something more substantial without going 'big'. One jeweler wanted me to do 3mm rounds, but that was too Princess Diana for me. I am thinking 3 or 4 pt stones in the halo and 5-7 pt stones in the shank. I want the halo to 'float' around the sapphire vs. being on a ledge of visible platinum.

This afternoon I am meeting with a jewelry designer who would like me to come with my best initial description so he can build me a CAD model. I have spent the better part of yesterday reading on these forums and there is a lot of very good knowledge here, I would really like to hear your input.

I have big hands, size 11 1/4 finger and not a small stone in the center, so would like your thoughts on stone size for the halo and shank and does it make a difference to you if the stones go all the way around or only halfway when determining size? The shank will be at least 2mm in width, I am leaning towards 3mm.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

I thought I knew so much, but found I have much to learn!