Post by sirbenson » January 25th, 2012, 3:15 pm
I am getting BGD to make me an eternity band to go with my e-ring and w-band (plain).

I thought I had decided on a single prong style but another PSer brought up the issue of single prong vs shared prong eternity bands in another of my threads and now I'm not sure. I thought I didn't like the shared prong eternity bands bc it was too much metal from the top view. I thought that the single prong looked just like a small metal bead between the stones and was less metal from the top.

BUT now that I've hunted down some pics of shared prong eternity bands....I'm not sure what to do. Advice?

Keep in mind that this will have to be a very low profile eternity band to match my low profile Grace set from BGD. Also, kep in mind that my Grace rings are 2.5mm wide so I want the eternity band to "match" that width so I'll be limited to smaller pointers in the eternity band (which I'm fine with bc I plan to wear all the three rings at once so having a skinny eternity band is ok by me).

I know its personal preferance but what are people's opinions on shared prong vs single prong eternity bands.

The only things I come up with are:

Shared: the stones sit closer together bc the prongs are at the upper ends of the stones
Single: the stones are farther apart bc the single prong sits right smack dab in the middle of the stones

Really, when I look at the ring from the top I want to see mainly BLING and not metal.