Post by Prufrock » February 15th, 2004, 4:43 pm

I purchased a "Tolkowsky Ideal Cut" 1.01 Cts, F, VS2 diamond with an EGL cert from a jeweler who claimed that the cert is by EGL-USA Lab, even though the certificate says E.G.L. International on the cover and the title.  When I went to the following EGL USA website, I was able confirmed that what I have is clearly NOT an EGL USA cert.


Could this be an honest mistake?  My jeweler still seems to think that what he got for me is a diamond with an EGL-USA cert!  He said when he intially searched Polygon to to get the diamond; he put that criterion in the search parameter as well as confirming the cert being EGL-USA from his seller.


So how much should I be concerned about the fact that this is an EGL non-USA Lab graded diamond?  Also, are some EGL International labs better than others?  How can I tell which non-USA EGL lab this certificate came from?  It simply says "E.G.L. International" on the certificate.


BTW, to my untrained eyes, the EGL diamond looks pretty good when I even compared it to a well known brand of Hearts and Arrows diamond.  Of course, if one really examines at it under the shadow or dull florescent light, it does not have as crisp internal symmetry as a TRUE hearts and arrows diamond would, but to my untrained eyes, its brilliance and dispersion seem to be equal to a TRUE hearts and arrows diamond.  (I actually took out 2 stones - one branded G, SI1, H&A and one the F, VS2, EGL Cert diamond (which I eventually purchased) -, and carried them around all day, and compared the 2 stones side by side under all different lighting conditions.)  I guess, I don't trust my eyes 100%.  Who know whether after a year of so, I will "see" some aspects of diamonds that I did not notice before.  So that's why I am wanting a diamond that also looks good on the paper ... as a peace of mind.


The specification checks out to be within the ranges of "Tolkowsky Ideal Cut" as follows:


6.48 - 6.43 x 3.96 mm

Depth: 61.3%

Table Width: 57%

Crown Height: 15%

Pavilion Depth: 43%

Girdle: Medium

Polish: Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Culet: None

Fluoresce: None

Price: $4,848 (Incl Tax)


I would appreciate any advices and feedback from the Pricescope community.