Post by ais1inn » March 10th, 2004, 5:41 am
Hi all!

I'm due to propose in 17 days (march 25th). I've got it all planned out. Is it possible to buy a ring from one online shop, a setting from another, have them shipped, appraised and set before then?

Believe it or not, i've been researching for months now. But my budget's so low, I haven't been able to find the "perfect" deal yet. And worse case scenario, I've got a contingency plan which would only take a few days. It's for a ring I know she loves but the diamond is not great (and I can't get them to just sell me the setting). Still, online seems to be the way to go for my extremely tight budget ($3200). So, do you think it can be done in 17 days?

Thanks in advance!

This site and your comments are top of the line! I've learned soooo much!

I'm looking for...
Lucida (white gold) setting (found one on for $300)
Diamond: princess, 0.9ct-1.2ct, SI1 or better, G or better... thereabouts
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