Post by quicksvo » December 16th, 2004, 11:52 am
I inherited an engagement ring a few months ago. It was accompanied by an appraisal from the jewelry store that it was purchased from that had the value at $18,000. Unfortunately, this appraisal was a photocopy and not very legible. I had it appraised at another trusted jeweler (unfortunately not local to me) who appraised the stone itself for $14,500. The details are (from the 2 appraisals): 3.0 (or 3.02) ct, L (or K) color, VVS2, European Round cut, 61.9% depth, 57% table, med girdle, 9.2mmx9.18mmx5.7mm. The second jeweler that appraised it did not remove it from the setting, hence the differences I think. He also said that it was an old style cut and would sparkle much better and perhaps have better color with a re-cut.

My questions are: Would it be worth getting this stone recut? If so, where would I go to have that done? Secondly, I am looking for an engagement ring and would be interested in trading this ring/stone in towards something perhaps a little smaller, but of better quality. Is this something that jewelry stores will do? Thanks.