Post by subscribe » July 31st, 2012, 4:21 pm
I have recently called in a diamond from a Pricescope approved vendor and am very pleased with my experience. Patrick helped educate and confirm the details of the diamond. He has ALL the latest tools (and the geek that I am loved using all of them). It was not just about confirming the diamond listed on the certificate, but more about is this the diamond you want.

The Most Important Takeaway: Call in the diamond and take it to your local appraiser. It is imperative to take any diamond purchase to an independent appraiser whether online or a local B&M. The youtube videos, the vendor's aset pictures, and certificate is different (in my situation) then when looking at the diamond in person with your own set of eyes.

The Situation: Like many hopeless individuals looking to woo their significant other in the near future, we fall short in this arena of diamond education. So, I take the trek many individuals have done with the minimal criteria of looking for a bargain and a light show. Browsed the internets, logged in hundred of hours browsing pricescope, checking out asets, tables, pavilions, the youtubes, I start the decisive hair-splitting decisions that will ultimately cost us thousands. Is this what I'm about to spend?!

But I feel confident. I've studied. I've done my research, printed them out and brought them to Patrick.

The Analysis: Like many have said on this board, the specifications and details of the diamond can only go so far. You HAVE to see them with your own eyes. AGS 000 or triple excellent are only stepping stones to the purchase. The only difference is Patrick helps analyze what you see. He listens to your questions and either confirms and debunks what's listed on paper. Asets look different in person. The particular diamond I was looking at was an AGS diamond of medium florescence, but in reality was strong blue florescence and came out milky and hazy even in direct sunlight.

The Conclusion: Blah, blah, blah, yes he's great. But what he did for me is make the right decision. Hope he can help you too.