Post by jkozlow3 » June 27th, 2012, 6:50 am
I had Whiteflash bring in a stone from their Virtual Selection and from what I can tell, it looks like a fantastic stone and that I got pretty lucky on my first try. I'm far from an expert however, so I'd like some opinions from those who are!

Price: $4800 (around $1500+ less than most of their comparable in-house stones from what I can tell). I'm assuming that I cannot do better without spending SIGNIFICANTLY more based on the images below, but I'm just coming here for some second opinions before I pull the trigger. Is there any reason not to buy this stone from what you can tell?


.904 carat
6.25 x 6.28 x 3.82 (I like the slightly larger spread compared to other .9 carat stones)
Table: 56.6%
Depth: 61.0%
Crown: 33.4*
Pavillion: 41.0*

Cut: AGS Ideal 000
Color: H
Clarity: SI1 (Whiteflash said it's COMPLETELY eye clean)
HCA Score: .9 (Excellent)