Post by chris143007 » November 3rd, 2004, 12:57 pm
Hello all,
as some of you know I am in search of the perfect radiant diamond to go for my perfect radiant girlfriend...I went to as a start point and only one location comes near to me.  (I''m in So. Cal) I called and asked what they had in stock at the moment and they have only 1 diamond (F VS2 little over 1 carat) for $6750.  Now, I''ve been doing ALOT of scouring around ps, but it''s all been relatively surface level investigating.  I don''t know if any of the tools that are  used to calculate light return, etc. will even help me...

One thing I do know is that one ring at the local store sounds a bit much, but I think I''ll go there and ask them to look for diamonds that fit my criteria. 

What I''d like from ps is for all the radiant experts to help  me in my journey! Image  My gf would be most appreciative! Lol!
Do you think I''d be wasting my time going to the local place and asking them to order me in some diamonds from Grossbard''s inventory?  And does employing the help of this local store ensure I would be buying a diamond?  I doubt that I would purchase from this local store, seeing as how the one diamond they have is a bit high for me.  (The little specs I got over the phone are approximately what I would be looking for though) 

ALL ADVICE and pointers will be appreciated.