Post by diamondrnglover » July 4th, 2008, 6:59 am
I have a question I am sure someone on here can answer, I have a princess cut diamond and I have 2 different jewelers tell me 2 different things. When the diamond was bought 7 years ago the jeweler at the time weighed the diamond before it was set and told me that it was a 1.01 ct, however, I took it to a independent jeweler who measured it, while is was still in the mounting, and based on the measurements it was only .88 ct, so which is more acurate? I do know that I found some of the spec's on the diamond and the jeweler really good took us for a ride, but we where clueless back then and in my husband defense he was looking more for the sparkle factor then specs and it does sparkle! I would love to replace it with a better cut stone, but money doesnt allow, maybe way down the road Image Thanks