Post by Jewel of NY » November 20th, 2004, 10:14 pm
   Remember me?  I posted about my love of the Ritani Endless Love solitaire.  I also posted about feeling uncomfortable wearing a ring on my dominant (left hand).   There were also decisions to be made about using my grandmother''s stone.  Here is the progress so far:  My boyfriend and I went to the NYC Jewery District.  We went to some highly recommended stores.  We wanted to see if anything could distract us from our Ritani idea.  We saw some great stuff but so far nothing like Endless Love.  I assume he will now go ahead with it.  We will use my grandmother''s awesome stone without recutting it.  It is 1.2-1.3 carat a great color (G, we think), great clrity grade.  I will have the ring sized to fit on my right hand.  This is where I will have no doubts that i can  wear a solitair comfortably.  I will have a small wedding band made for the left hand and keep the Ritani ring on the right.  It all suits me.  My right hand is a full size smaller than the left, so I had to decide before buying the ring. 

Thanks for shariing, everyone.  I do happily lurk around and silently celebrate the joys of this board, even when I do not add much. 

I took a special  interest in Reena''s ring b/c it is so  amazing!!!
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I''d love to unite with other "Endless Love" fans, or pave fans, or bezel fans