Post by Mara » December 19th, 2003, 1:54 pm

As requested.


For poll purposes, assume the pricing would be around $7k for either stone. Not unreasonable either way. Image


I think I would choose the natural. $7k for a man-made stone that costs $5 to make (according to article remember?). No way.


Part of the diamond's charm in my eyes is that it is mined from the ground, it isn't MADE and there isn't any true determination of 'cost' value. Not like an electronics unit which is broken down in terms of cost for parts. Anything above that is revenue. But for the natural diamond, the 'cost' could be construed as the labor put into mining the stone, cutting it, preparing it for market etc...but that is a hazy amount. How to determine easily? Therefore it's easier to say that the natural stone has more value, because it is not as easily quantified by COST...whereas the $5 man-made lab diamond is easily quantified and therefore anything above 'cost' would be too much for the average consumer to want to pay. Image My two cents.




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