Post by Blueman33 » September 13th, 2004, 4:59 pm
Dear Stonefolks,

I am purchasing this stone from an internet dealer, but not someone huge on the net like BN, Superbcert, Abazias, WF, etc. The dealer is legit and has a return policy.

However, when I asked the dealer if the stone had hearts and arrows and what the brilliance scope report was he said that they don''t use those means to judge the cut of a diamond, they use the Sarin Report to judge cut. He said he fully expects the stone to display h & a, they however don''t use h & a viewers or use h & a to market. The company has thousands of diamonds, all diamonds sold are in stock with some available for brokering by other jewelers, and all have GIA and Sarin Reports. They don''t give you a h & a viewer, loup, free shipping, and lovely wood box like some dealers, but seem very reputable based on my converstations and Pricescope posts.

He said the diamond is top notch and feel free to take it to any appraiser I wish, that they do not recommend appraisers. No questions asked return policy, but only 7 days. The diamond is described as a Super Ideal Cut.

Color: I
Clarity: VS2
Sym: VG
Pol: EX
Depth: 61.8

Sarin Report on the way (email problem), which he says illustrates ''super ideal'' proportions.

I have been looking for some time and this seems to be an excellent find. What is your opinion from the more experienced folks??????