Post by ScottHoward » May 17th, 2003, 5:38 am
Hello, I've been "lurking" around here for about a month now and have found this to be the most interesting and educational diamond site around. I've done some research on my own engagement ring and have a few questions of my own.

I'm interested in buying a loose princess-cut diamond from one of the respected online retailers (USACerted, etc.) I've learned about on this site. However, my girlfriend *loves* the platinum trellis setting at Blue Nile (and so do I!). We're attracted to the way in which the stone seems to sit lower (or simply protrudes much less) on her finger than in traditional tiffany/cathedral settings. This is much more suitable to her active lifestyle. The only problem is, how can I have that setting without actually purchasing a diamond from them? I've located a few jewelers/designers online (such as Jeff Cooper) who carry settings called lucida, trestle or X prong that are similar to the trellis, but I'd like to stick with someone who does great work and will not have a problem with me purchasing my diamond elsewhere. Can anyone help?

Feel free to ask any questions as I seem to end up on this site several times a day!

Sincerely appreciated,