Post by mocha2204 » September 12th, 2010, 4:57 pm
Hi Pser,

I am steps closer to buying this half eternity ring from ID jewellery.
So far I have only seen one post about the same ring I am about to buy.
Anyone else has bought something from ID and had a positive experience in terms of the quality and actual product itself?
I have no doubt about the customer service as Tami has been replying my email frequently and answered all my questions patiently.

One thing I worry about is their policy if a stone is lost: (is this normal?)
"Don't most cases the diamonds don't fall out. Its a good strong setting. Worst case sinario...if a stone does fall out it would cost you apprx $70.00 USD to replace. But this worst case sinario. Espacial if you are planning on wearing it when your out and not while you are doing housework. Don't worry."

Here are a few pictures and some more answers from ID about the ring:
The standard that we usually use is F-G color and SI clarity. F-G because it hits both the colorless family and nearcololess family. And SI because there really is no reason to use anything higher...its just a lot more money. And besides, what we call SI most other jewelry stores call VS. So rest assured they will good great with your e-ring.
Yes, the diamonds are excellent cut, so each one will give you the most sparkle. I always tell my "H" "SI" excellent cut diamond always beats a "D" "FL" poor cut diamonds. And the diamonds ARE completely eye clean...well that is to say a normal eye...not superman eyes. Joke...not to worry, I inspect each stone before I have them set.

I havent bought anything substantial from an online store before :roll:

Appreciate it very much if Pser can help me with this purchase :D
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