Post by M155_L337 » August 20th, 2006, 5:50 pm
Hey Ya''''ll! My name is Kristin, I''''m from Missouri. Recently, the other half and I went on the much awaited engagement ring shopping trip. We went to almost every jeweler in the area and couldn’t find "the" ring, well, until we opened up the pages of the "Modern Jeweler" magazine at a local jeweler. It’s either the July or August issue that has the ring of my dreams. It''''s a tension set diamond ring that is VERY modern and VERY unique. It’s one of those rings that you have to see to get a description. If any of you get the magazine I’m sure you know exactly which ring I’m talking about. The problem is I can’t get my hands on a copy of the magazine, the jeweler won’t copy the page for me, I can’t remember the designer’s name (I think it was German) and the editor of the magazine won’t sell me the single issue.

My plea to anyone who receives the to PLEASE help me get my hands on a picture of my dream ring or the name/number of the designer. I’ve looked on the website of Modern Jeweler...but unfortunately they don’t have the article/advertisement/picture posted on their site.