Post by Jesi15 » April 28th, 2009, 2:38 am
Let me start off by saying I''''ve lurked on here quite a bit, never posted, and I''''m not even sure if this is the right forum area to do so, so excuse me if this is the wrong place, and please direct me where to go...

So my fiance and I have been together for 4 1/2 years. We actually have two children together, so in our lives, we work backwards...

We spoke of getting engaged a lot, finally decided to do it with this year''''s tax return. He got me a 1/2 carat Leo diamond from Kay Jewelers, and let me assure you, it has been nothing short of a nightmare. It was repaired several times and even placed in a new band. I''''m still not totally happy with it, but I''''m sick of it not being on my finger and being repaired because Jared''''s apparently repairs it and does a half @$$ed job.

I know almost nothing about diamonds. I have no engagement story. We went to Kay''''s and picked out a ring together. He didn''''t propose, he just put the ring on my finger in the parking lot at Olive Garden before we went in and ate. Kind of sad really. I''''m sure you can see I''''m sad about it, I expected a nice engagement story for all to hear, but I have nothing. I don''''t know what more to say.

Anyhow, my big concern is, here we thought we were getting a great diamond, but I see tons of bashing about the Leo diamonds on this site and others. So did we get ripped off? I love it and I know that''''s all that matters, but I just hate getting ripped off. I must add, we traded in my mother''''s engagement ring from my ex stepdad, and my new stepdad (Yeah, my mother has been married 3 times...crazy b*!) knew the DM at our local Kay''''s, so not only did we get the trade in for my mom''''s ring, but we practically got an employee discount too. We only paid about half for the ring than we should have by the price tag.

I have the certificate and even paid an extra $25 to IGI or something like that to have it registered in my name...not sure if that was a waste of money or not, but it''''s too late now!

Any feedback would be great. I''''m going on 24 and I live in the Buffalo, NY area, a distant suburb of it, so there aren''''t a lot of options around here except the chains and a few locally owned and operated stores. I just really hated my engagement experience, no proposal, but I love my fiance, don''''t get me wrong, I really wouldn''''t even care, but so many people ask how he proposed...and I am just like, well...he didn''''t. It then makes me sad. Kay''''s is horrible and we will never go back, though I am leaning towards Jared''''s. I like their pieces and they were VERY helpful and friendly. Way better than Kay''''s was, but I don''''t know if I should do that either.

I would like to get my ring appraised. How do I do that? Does it cost anything? How do I know that it is accurate? I''''m so confused and uneducated in all of this...

Thanks for any help/feedback!