Post by cardsandyanks » May 27th, 2009, 2:59 am
Thanks for all who have posted.  Been a real eye opening education for me.  I want to do something for my wife on our 10th anniversary.  I have looked at all the vendors including whiteflash, good old gold, etc.  Also looked at union diamond and blue nile.   Unfortunately, with three children ranging in ages from 6-2 spending 5-6k on a ring is out of the question.  After reading for quite some time on this forum, most say the prices of the diamonds on blue nile and union are higher, but i have found the opposite to be true.   I have been searching for a 3 stone diamond with the center one being .5-.6 carats and the side diamonds being .25 each.  I want to spend 2700 or less.  The reason I am chosing the smaller stones is i want something that really shines.  I was looking for the best cut I could find with a color of G-J, a VS-I to SI-I, in white gold.  I can get those things from union and blue nile for between 2000-2500 dollars.  On the other sites I can''t find anything on many of the sites that most on this board reccomend.  I don''t want to buy junk, and honestly would rather take the money and head on vacation with my wife than spend it on a ring that isn''t what i want.  The ring doesn''t need to be huge, just classy with a great sparkle.  Am I chasing something I cannot find?  Do the vendors that most of you reccomend only work with bigger stones?  Am I making any sense to anyone other than myself or has all this made me loose my mind?  any help would be greatly appreciated.