Post by jentrip » November 5th, 2005, 5:20 pm
  I just purchased an EGL certified 3.82ct H SI2 diamond from a gov''t auction website.  This diamond is tricky b/c it sparkles in the lights in my bathroom, but gets kind of dull and cloudy in natural sunlight.  Overall, the rock looks a bit cloudy. Image It is a real diamond (had that verified at a jewlery store), and has few inclusions. The folks at the jewlery store (not the ones from whom I bought the stone) said it''s "just a bad rock" but I don''t know what that means given that it is an SI2 H.  The diamond is pretty deep; the dimensions are 9.82-9.81x6.65, and I think overall, the cut is just bad.  I paid $14k for this ring.  I can return the it to the seller from the auction site, but it''s tempting to try to revitalize it by getting it recut.  First, though, would recutting it get rid of the "cloudiness?"? I know it''s not a guarantee, but it''s so tempting b/c the ring is so big and was so cheap.  Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated!  Thanks!