Post by nerdbot » May 6th, 2005, 3:06 am
I finally decided on a stone (vendor evaluation and pictures to follow, once the stone is set and everything is settled)! I'm purchasing the setting from a local jeweler, and I was wondernig about how the mounting procedure should work.

From the beginning of my diamond voyage up until now, I've always been told to never let the stone out of my sight. Some of the jewelers I've gone to have their work area behind a glass cage so I can at least watch them at all times. However, this particular jeweler, while reputable in my town, does not have a glass cage. I won't leave the building while they set the stone, but what are the precauations I should take, or things I should do or say, before handing over the stone to be mounted?

Or am I being overly paranoid (again)?