Post by Allisonfaye » July 24th, 2006, 1:12 pm
I was doing a search on cushion cuts after looking at the one at Graff''s the other day. There are a zillion threads so it takes forever to read them.
Can anyone suggest some threads that have good info and nice rings?

I went back to look at that ring again and it was interesting what I learned. I had a little more time today so I could pester the salesperson. He said this particular stone was cut to look like a vintage stone. This might be a misconception on my part but I tend to think of vintage stones as being dead since cutting has improved over time. But this stone was anything but dead. He also pointed out the large culet. He said it will leak light but it was designed for this look. Any thoughts? Any cushion experts?

He showed me another 3 carat cushion cut stone and the difference was amazing. First of all, the second one looked about 25% bigger. He attributed it to the first one being deeper. But they were the same size. In fact, the original one (that I like better) was bigger at 3.11 vs 3.03 for the other one. Also, the second one looked more like a radiant to me. I just thought it was interesting to see them side by side. I wouldn''t have taken the second one if you gave it to me, but I loved the first one.