Post by cksnipe » April 27th, 2012, 5:15 pm
I recently purchased a G color Whiteflash ACA Round Brilliant, and had it independently appraised and graded at AGA with Chris DiCamillo. He is a great guy and went over everything in detail with us. He graded the stone as an F (borderline E) color, but our AGS cert says G color. Everything else is almost identical on both certs. Our appraisal and AGA cert therefore says F color. I've heard that AGS color grading is soft, so I was really surprised to see this (I was actually hoping it wasn't going to be an H).

The diamond was graded loose.

Should we insure it with the specs on the appraisal and the AGA cert, or submit everything including both certs, and all of the Whiteflash documents?