Post by melis6886 » January 22nd, 2004, 12:33 pm
I''ve been stupid. I know I''ve done wrong but I''m trying to fix it.

I''ve been dwelling over the not-so-smart (to put it mildly) purchase that my fiancée and I made recently. Particularly over the cost of my diamond. I am beating myself up as I was not as educated on diamonds when I made the decision. I know now that I have paid tooooo much for the diamond am in the process of doing what ever I can to get a price adjustment. It was purchased at Robbins Bros and we are trying to take them up on their "best price promise". I do not except an online price from them but definitely feel it was over-priced for the quality of diamond I got. We are meeting with them this Sunday.

I''d like to ask for your help in critiquing this diamond so I can use it in my argument for a price adjustment or a trade for a better diamond for the same price.

Here''s the diamond:

GIA cert.
Cert date: June 15,2000
Round Brilliant
1.02 carat/ G / VS2
6.37 - 6.41 x 4.09 mm
Depth: 64.0 %
Table: 55%
Girdle: Thin to Slightly Thick, Faceted
Culet: None
Polish: Very Good
Symm: Good
Fluor: Faint
Price: $6,995
Total cost of ring: $8,090 (total price reflects $574 tax discounted)

Also, if anyone could help clarify: Is it possible that a ring can not be sized too small?
I brought my ring back to resize from 3 1/2 to 3 1/4 (it was a bit too loose & able to fall off my finger) and was told that they''ve put a small bar underneath because they didn''t want to bend the ring any further. At least that''s what I understood it to be. I''m a bit uneasy about this but if it will comprise the setting then I''ll consider it. The setting has small side stones but is bare at the bottom. It''s been resized before (from a 7 to a 3 1/2).

Any thoughts you may have on these 2 issues would be great. Or any suggestions (attitude w/them, tactics, etc.) in helping me make my case would be appreciated. Feel free to be brutal as I know I''ve done wrong.

I wanted to post this not just for your help but to also make others aware of what kind of problems one can encounter at Robbins Bros. There''s not much info. on them when running a search and I hope this at least helps someone closely examine them before purchase and not make the same mistake I did. I''ve agonized over this; the purchase and our dealings with them have been a very stressful experience.