Post by marchesa6989 » May 31st, 2012, 5:02 am
hi PSers! :wavey: i've been on a and other such things got in the way but it feels good to be back and checking out the bling. *sparkle sparkle*

anyway it's time for me to make some new purchases :naughty:
first off we need to buy a wedding band soon and i'm tossing up between a few options. i'm planning on getting it from IDJ and at first i wanted to get a super blingy 5 stone ring so i could wear it as a standalone piece. my finger size is 3.75-4 so Luann recommended 25 pointers.

BUT then i thought to myself i want flexibility to wear with my e-ring if i wanted. but then i'd have to go down in size of the diamonds as in true PS spirit that makes me sad :(( Luann then suggested a 7 stone ring with 15 pointers.

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my e-ring is 1.23 w/ 1-2pt melee in the halo for perspective

what to do what to do? the 5 stone ring would definitely overpower it. but maybe i can wear my e-ring as a standalone piece and then switch with the 5 stone ring when i want, or wear it on my R hand if i wanna wear both? there isn't much price difference between the 5 or 7 stone ring. or perhaps someone has another idea i haven't already considered.

ANDDDDD my next dilemma is earrings. i initially wanted the famous huggies/hoops and was tossing up between 1.5 or 2ctw. but then my mom wanted studs with earrings jackets ( and then i thought ooooo i like those too. tbh i don't have a great pair of diamond earrings of any kind as yet...only little pathetic ones from when i was a child and my parents thought my earlobes would get chopped off haha. so then perhaps getting studs with jackets is a better option as a first pair? but then what size of studs? I DON'T KNOW! 1ctw? 1.25ctw?

i'm so confused. i need major PS help!

TIA! ::)