Post by cerulean14 » October 24th, 2006, 2:47 pm
Hi all,

First time poster, several month reader and learner as I''ve been conducting my diamond search. Thank you to everyone for the immense, built up knowledge base. Many of you have already helped me out greatly without even knowing it!

My girlfriend has a strong preference for a tension set ring, in particular a Gelin & Abaci TR-040, which if you''re interested, you can see a pic of here:

I''ve browsed the forums here on everything to do with tension rings, looked at lots of other sources for info, etc. Two pieces of important information I''ve seen along the way include:

1. Go for a minimum VS2 clarity, due to the side view and general more exposure of the diamond. Obvoiusly no surface inclusions or weaknesses.

2. Avoid a thin girdle, due to the pressure from the tension setting.

My question is more about #2. How important is this? The reason I ask is that, in searching for my ideal diamond, having to *further* narrow down everything to *only* a medium or medium to slightly thick faceted girdle really does reduce the number of "eligible" stones by quite a bit. I''m pretty particularly in most of my other specs, so if there is any leeway in terms of girdle thickness for a tension set ring, that would be fantastic. If, for example, there really should be no concern with a thin or thin to medium faceted girdle, this would open up a lot of possibilities for me.

Thank you for any help or thoughts - feel free to ask for more info from me if it would help!