Post by carefree » March 31st, 2012, 4:06 pm
Hi everyone, I am a long time-lurker and first time poster. I must begin by saying that I have learned so much from this community in my search for the perfect engagement ring. I have narrowed my search down to a few diamonds and wanted the opinions of you wise folks.

My budget for the diamond alone is $2500 max. I feel that the quality of the stone is more important than the size. I would like an AGS0000 stone with ASET and IS included (no GIA). I searched Bluenile, Good Old Gold, Whiteflash, James Allen and Brian Gavin.

My criteria were as follows:
Princess Cut
Approx. 0.6ct+

Here are the 2 diamonds that I have narrowed it down to (Images in URL).

(A) 0.603 ct G VVS2 A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Princess Cut Diamond
Depth % 74.9
Table % 60.4
Crown Angle 36.5
Star 0.0
Pavilion Angle 40.3
Crown % 12.3
Lower Girdle % 0.0
Measurements 4.63x4.63x3.47
Culet Pointed
Fluorescence Negligible
Girdle Medium to Slightly Thick

I know that black areas on ASET are not good and this stone seems to have quite a few black areas near the centre. Do you guys see this as an issue? Are blue areas necessarily better than black areas? I have also heard that several small black areas can enhance the fire of a stone.

(B) 0.593 ct G VS1 A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Princess Cut Diamond
Depth % 72.6
Table % 62.0
Crown Angle 34.6
Star 0.0
Pavilion Angle 40.3
Crown % 11.6
Lower Girdle % 0.0
Measurements 4.69x4.66x3.38
Culet Pointed
Fluorescence Negligible
Girdle Thin to Medium
In the ASET there seems to be a significant amount of blue in the table of this stone, is this an issue? Is there a large enough amount of blue to detract from the brilliance?

I plan on discussing the two stones with WF to get their opinion, but wanted to hear what you all had to say first.

TL;DNR: Which stone do you feel is better based on the info provided? Are there other diamonds that fit my criteria that you can suggest?

Thank you all in advance, your input is greatly appreciated.