Post by hikerchick » January 3rd, 2007, 3:54 am

So, I am looking at the strong blue fluor diamond that we had shipped from WF for the first time in natural sunlight.  When I have it in direct sunlight, it shoots these beautiful rainbows all over the place BUT

it also has a purple haze . . . now I don''t see anything milky per se . . . I guess basically I don''t know what I am looking for.  There is definitely a hazy look that is of the color purple/blue.  I am not turned off by it really, but it is noticible.

Those of you with strong blue fluor stones, what do you see in yours, does it sound the same as what I am seeing?  Also, if any of you have seen a milky looking stone due to fluor, would you post a picture or a description?  Any of you experts have a strong blue fluor stone that is milky so I can see what I am suposed to be looking for?

Anyway, even the purple haze doesn''t really bother me I don''t think, it is so shiny and pretty in all other lighting and even in the direct sunlight, it isn''t dead looking or ugly, just different. 

Thanks for any help in evaluvating this in sunlight.