Post by Mav01 » August 8th, 2012, 10:34 pm
Hi everyone,

I need some help deciding with an online purchase of an engagement ring. My BF is letting me chose what I want and I've fallen in love with the Gabriel & Co 4181 model. Here's some examples I've found on PS.

I want to set it with a round diamond. Now, my main concern is that I live in Australia and won't be able to see any diamonds in person. I'll be relying on photos, reports and ultimately the jewellers judgment. I want to get it right first time, and not run the risk of having to send it back to the US if something's not right.

I've mainly been looking on ID Jewelry (as they stock the Gabriel & Co setting), but also on James Allen as they have pictures of the diamonds which has been great to look through. The more I research and find out about diamonds, the more overwhelmed I get!!

What do you suggest I do? Let ID Jewelry find some diamonds for me and set the ring? Purchase the diamond from someone else with a bigger range and then have it set in Australia?

My budget for the stone is about $2500 - $3000. Ideally I'd like something around the 0.80ct mark (of course I'd like bigger but the budget doesn't stretch that far!). J colour SI1 or better (I think that's reasonable for the price?!).

The main reason for purchasing online is that everything I've found here in Australia is overpriced.

Thanks everyone