Post by less_confused » July 19th, 2009, 2:40 pm
Short story - I am planning to look at someone''s secondhand stud earrings.  She has a report by a GIA certified appraiser.

What should I expect?  Will a GIA certified Appraiser do a complete review including proportion & geometry?
These are 1.5 ct ttw stud earrings - would GIA remove them from the setting and do a complete report?

At this point, all I know is
Color: I
Clarity:  SI-1
Cut: Perfect
Carat: 1.5 ttw
In other words, who knows.  I am waiting for a copy of the report.

As an FYI, the price quoted is $2500.  That is ~25% below what I would expect for retail.

Thanks in advance.