Post by Diamond_Newb » February 3rd, 2010, 10:12 am
Seems to be most of what i have been feeling lately.....First let me introduce myself since this is my first post

My name is Dave and i been researching on buying an engagement ring for the past few weeks.  I have been to a few local jewelers, avoided the major chains, and done a ton of reading here.  The amount of information here is great but overwhelming.  I have somewhat narrowed down a lot of what i am looking for but i am having an issue of buying something like this online and the jewelers i have been too are fine but, i just want to make sure i get the best deal for my dollar

Okay so here is the first question:

If i find a setting that i like, is it better to buy the diamond from that dealer or does it not matter? 

After tons for searching i found a great setting at Blue Nile but, of course there isnt too much info regarding this vendor found here.  And i believe that i can not just buy their setting??  (Read it on a 2007 thread)

This is another setting that is very similar to the one i like.

Anyone know any other settings that look the same??

So i am close on a setting...Then comes the stone!
I am looking for at least one carat princess cut.  Thats where my decisions come to a crashing halt.....My over all price range for the setting and diamond in total are $5-$7K. 

Unfortunately my head is spinning with VS1 -VS2, D-J, Good cuts, Very good cuts, signature cuts....Then of course i have the table of cut classes with Table%, crown height, girdle, depth%, polish/symmetry etc....i mean how is anyone supposed to make a decision on so many varibles.  Its not good for anyone who is as anal i am with research.  I feel like a lost pup Image

Any help is appreciated.