Post by georgesmith35 » June 27th, 2011, 6:29 pm
HI, first time loose diamond buyer (and poster) for an engagement ring. I am considering a particular diamond presented by an independent jeweler who is trusted friend of a family member. The diamond is:
GIA certified
1.02 carat brilliant round 57 facet, 6.17 by 6.23 (not sure of depth)
Si1 (one small dot inclusion, not visible with the eye)
Polish good
Symmetry good
Strong fluorescence
Cut fair
(I think table is 60%, depth 57%)
$5075 out the door
My concerns are about the luminescence and the cut. It seems highly debated, is it REALLY an issue having strong fluorescence in a colorless (D) diamond? I know the cut is very important and would like a higher grade, but the reality is this is the top of my budget. Does this stone seem like a good choice and a fair/good value? Am I reasonably going to do better for a $5k budget? The stone appears very clear and bright (visually and 10x under normal lighting) but of course im no expert!! Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
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