Post by jo_c » December 4th, 2007, 3:06 pm
I guess the subject line says it all.  I have tried on both kinds of rings.  Probably prefer the channel setting as it looks a bit more substantial as a standalone ring...i think...what do you think?

Anyway.  Ring size is 6.  Which would you choose and why?

I would be wearing this alone.  Never had an e-ring and this is to replace my plain band.  I am not terribly hard on my rings, but not exactly delicate either...  I have considered a half eternity in the channel cut, but every time I try on a ring, I prefer the full eternity.  Its my economical side...devil on my shoulder so to speak...  Why pay for stones you only see when you get change...  Oy decisions decisions...

Here's the rings...These are about my budget limit.  (I have emailed them about a ring with stones more the size of the first ring)  (I actually prefer the channel set rounds..I am probably completely alone on this one Image  but they dont have many on SP right now)

As speced above, do you think there would be a big difference in the size of hte stones in those first two rings?  I have tried on a round channel set with 9.5 pointers and it was yummy... but a Jared ring with no special you think an SP ring of say..7 pointers would look relatively equivalent?

Thoughts? Opinions?

Thanks so much!!!