Post by yenliang » July 26th, 2008, 6:45 am

Someone has made my life easier by snatching one of the three stones which I am interested in two days after I posted them. Which is fine since the magnified pic of that stone couldn''t give me a "mind clean" stone.
And now it''s all back to coin-flipping choice again.

After collecting a few people''s opinions, I started liking the first stone better.
But the location of its inclusions really makes me hesitating.

So my question is does the location of the inclusions matter?
What do you feel about the pic of the inclusions at this location of the stone taken from the top?

Would the inclusions be much easier to be noticed if it is that close to the center of the table?

I really would like GOG''s sales rep to tell me if the stone is "eye clean" with inclusions that close to the center of the table. But I don''t know if anybody noticed that the store is taking a vacation and has no response to both email or voice message in this week.............A one week vacation, I wish I can have a vacation that long too.Image