Post by boston_jeff » February 27th, 2007, 8:05 am
Hey everyone,

I have been learning a ton about cushions by reading the gazillion threads in the forums about this very ununiform shape. The FAQ started by fatafelice ("A Cushion by Any Other Name") and a thread called "Paper Tricks with Culet Size" were particularly helpful in describing some of the different facet plots available.

Cehra, you have made an effort to distinguish between two different types of 8 pavillion "cushion brilliants" (ignoring modifieds for now). Yours and Silverlilly''s "antique-style", where the mains are along the equators of the stone, as compared to MMM''s "modern-style" where the facets and facet junctions are along the equators, creating a "quadrant" look to the stone.

However, little has been mentioned about what appears to be one of if not the most common "cushion brilliant" available, which is the 4-main version with this facet plot:


My question is, what does this type of cushion look like? Is it more like the antique cushions, the modern cushions, or the "crushed ice" cushion modifieds?

Thanks in advance, as this will really help me on my search! (I''m looking for an antique-style with great light performance)