Post by mcarol » May 5th, 2001, 5:10 am
I have been looking for quite some time a nice emerald cut diamond to be the center stone for a three stone diamond emerald cut ring. I came across this stone and I am thinking about ordering it, however I would like to get some of your expert advice first. This stone is within international fine cut 2A-2B.

Emerald Cut Diamond
1.4 Cts
H, VS2
Depth: 67.2
Table: 68
Crown 13
Pavillion 50
Girdle: Medium
Polish: vg
Symmetry: vg
Culet: none
Flouresence: very slight blue
Measurements: 7.49x5.43x3.65
EGL cert
price: $4950

Please share with me any options. I understand that I will need to look at it, however, any advice in advance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.