Post by k7wright » August 7th, 2007, 4:56 am
Well, I got my ring and i was excited until today.  I went to send the appraisal to the insurance company and when i pulled it out gasped because it is EGL!!  I feel totally betrayed because the guy said that he only deals in GIA and when he had a copy of the cert before and was showing us it was GIA.  Well, my fiance then bought it and apparently didnt notice or i dont know what.  So i texted him today and he said it was always EGL which i dont think is correct and now i feel like crying.  I am wondering if i try to return it due to misinformation.

Perhaps someone can shed some light on whether it is as bad as i think or if i am overeacting, but i feel like it isnt as good as i though because it is EGL and the certification is softer.  Also, i can''t figure out the ratio?  please help, i am totally bumming

Weight - 3.01
Shape - Oval
Measurements - 11.09-7.84x4.97mm
Total Depth - 63.4%
Table Width - 54%
Crown Height - 15%
Pavilion Depth - 43%
Girdle Thickness - Slightly Thick, Faceted
Polish - Good to Very Good
Symmetry - Good to Very Good
Culet - None
Clarity - SI2
Graining - Nil
Color - H
Flouresence - None